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  Require preparation

     for an ERP Project


We approach software selection with the expectation that technology will enable your business strategy. Our ERP selection services ensure that your people, processes and technology remain aligned throughout the duration of your project – and into the future by

Phase 01 Pre Consulting

What we do


a) Understand and agree on your competitive advantages

b) Discuss and document your requirements while addressing pain points

c) Prioritize your needs for rating to align the technology


  • Business Process Mapping & Process Flow Design

  • Analysis of Reporting requirement / Business Intelligence

  • Developing Request for Proposal

  • Product Evaluation and Selection Services

Phase 02 Project Consulting

What we do


a) Project Management

b) Collectively providing requirements to vendor

c)Review of solution by vendor at all stages of project


  • Accelerated implementation time frame

  • Mitigate risk of project failure

  • Timely Investment on ERP selection

Phase 03 Post Consulting

What we do


a) Deliverable Assessment

b) Health Check

c)Standard Operating Guideline


  • Progress monitoring

  • KPI evaluation 

  • Enhanced IT roamap

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